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commercial mortgages.

Commercial mortgages differ from a traditional residential mortgage essentially by the type of real estate it is financing. The type of asset could be an office building, warehouse, hotel or any other commercial premises.  There are two types of commercial mortgages – owner occupied commercial mortgages and commercial investment mortgages. The first is used by a business owner who is looking to purchase or re-finance premises for their own use and business activity.

A commercial investment mortgage assists property investors to purchase a property which is let out to a third party. We are whole of market so have excellent knowledge of the products offered from traditional UK banks, International banks to boutique lenders.

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development finance.

Development finance is available to the experienced property developer and those looking to take on a comprehensive property renovation. The loan amount will be based on the gross development value (GDV), typically up to 65% LGDV with a maximum cap of 75% of the total costs (LTC). The parameters can vary with pricing.

Lenders require a significant amount of information for this type of finance, which our team can assist with. This includes submitting information such as full development appraisal, planning permissions, a breakdown of costs, cash flow forecasts and an exit strategy. Development finance is normally structured with the lender providing a percentage of the acquisition cost and the majority of the build cost so the developer’s equity contribution is utilised upfront.

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bridging finance.

Bridging finance provides fast and flexible solutions when other forms of lending are unsuitable. For example, when buying a property at auction or a property which requires significant work to be habitable. The loan can be secured over an owner occupied home, an investment property both residential or commercial or even land. It’s a short term solution aimed to give the borrower time and space to put into place a long term exit. As a result they are more expensive than mainstream mortgages however they do offer flexibility to clients when traditional finance routes have failed. We access funding from both traditional bridging funds and private funds to structure a loan suitable for your needs.

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