We specialise in building relationships with our private clients, assisting some of the wealthiest and most notable people from around the world in financing prime properties. We’re able to deliver market leading finance solutions because our industry contacts our second to none.


Our expertise includes funding properties that are purchased through complex offshore trusts and company structures. We are familiar with the necessary due diligence of politically exposed persons. Confidentiality and discretion are of the utmost importance to all at Opes, which is why we offer to guard sensitive client information by signing non-disclosure documents.


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private bank mortgages.

Unlike traditional high street lenders, private banks have a greater expertise in offering large mortgages to individuals with complex financial affairs. They are far better equipped to understand the client’s source of wealth and income, their aspirations and future opportunities for both client and bank. The main difference is that private banking will typically seek a wider banking relationship, rather than stand-alone asset finance. For example, this could be for assets held under management, typically invested in a portfolio. Our role is to assist in providing the optimum balance between finance, deposits and pricing. We are also able to provide options for standalone (dry) lending.

A bespoke solution is available to our private clients. To qualify you will need to have a certain net worth and income with loans typically £1M and above. To the wealthy taking a mortgage at low interest cost isn’t a necessity but a benefit when they are able make greater returns investing their cash elsewhere.

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private asset finance.

Asset finance allows the lending of funds against high value items that are desirable and will have a high resale value. This high value item provides the collateral and security for a lender to advance loans against. While there are many assets that can be financed, the most popular that we assist with are:

• Marine – Private Yacht purchase or refurbishments, typically limited to 7-year terms

• Aviation – Private Jet purchase or re-finance, tailor made arrangements for individuals and corporate operators

• Art, collectables and jewellery – often used as alternative means for short term cash flow options


large retail mortgages.

We are experienced in helping individuals who don’t have the net wealth requirements for private banks but still require a mortgage between £1,000,000 – £3,000,000. While rates may be higher than private banking finance they typically have lower set up fees and no requirements to place deposits with the bank. These products are particularly well suited for re-mortgage applications as some come with free valuations and legal fees, which represents significant savings. Get in touch with one of our advisers to discuss the most affordable and flexible route of action.

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