Helping you to plan for the unexpected. We believe that it’s important to offer our clients a fully comprehensive breakdown of the insurance policies available to them to provide financial protection. We hold established relationships with prime and dependable providers, allowing us to confidently advise our clients to choose the right type of protection policy which will protect their assets and loved ones if they were to find themselves in adversity.

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life insurance.

The primary purpose of life insurance is to secure the family home should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness or die during the term of your mortgage. There are several different options to consider. Critical illness protection will pay a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, with the funds traditionally used to cover the cost of the outstanding mortgage or private medical treatment.

Another popular option is Income Protection Insurance, this product will pay out monthly a percentage of your income, to cover mortgage payments or other expenses. The final type of policy we typically discuss with our clients is Mortgage Protection Insurance. This policy will cover your mortgage payments for up to two years should the policy holder become involuntarily unemployed.

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private medical insurance.

Private medical insurance gives clients timely access to appropriate clinical services. The policy will pay for the prompt diagnosis and treatment of acute illness or injury in either a private hospital or as private patient at an NHS hospital. When taking out private medical insurance we like to provide our clients with certainty on the where and when they can be treated, who will be treating them and how. Some policies will offer access to treatments which aren’t offered by the NHS. Private medical insurance doesn’t cover GP services, long- term conditions or A&E visits.

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general insurance.

Many people find the insurance market confusing and time consuming. At Opes we cut through the jargon to assist our clients in choosing a policy that protects their property; from content insurance to landlord insurance. Our team of advisers assess products from a large panel of providers, to find a market-leading quote for the level of protection required by our client. Our insurance service also includes additional guidance, if required, when making a claim and pro-actively presenting the most competitive renewal deals in advance of your policy expiring.

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