Been Declined? We can help!

There are a number of reasons why a person may or may not be declined for a mortgage and every lender has different criteria. If you have been declined by one lender there is still a strong chance you will fit the criteria of another lender. Our company strives to partner our clients with the most suitable lender.  Below are some examples of criteria that may cause an applicant to be declined by one lender but accepted by another:


Many lenders have different criteria on how they calculate the maximum loan that they may advance you. The majority of the market typically lends 4 times your annual income, though some lenders can lend up to 6 times income. Bonus and commission income is also treated differently from lender to lender.

Credit History

The vast majority of lenders use credit scoring to determine whether they are comfortable lending to a client. However, we do have access to near-prime lenders who do not credit score and look at cases on a deal by deal basis. A credit decline can also be overturned in certain circumstances.

Self - Employment History

Lenders often require 3 years' self-employed accounts in order to proceed with a case. However, some lenders, in some circumstances, will accept 1 year's or less trading experience.


Contractors are perceived differently from lender to lender. Some of our lenders are keen to assist contractors, even those using umbrella company structures.

Probation Periods

Probation periods are an inconvenience with all new jobs. However, we have a number of lenders who will advance lending regardless of a probationary period.

Visa Restrictions

Your Visa status in the UK should not affect your ability to borrow in the UK. Some lenders are very strict on your status when others are more relaxed.


Many lenders do not want to lend beyond the age of retirement. However, some lenders can go up to the age of 90 for a mortgage term. We can also look to source Equity Release lending options.

Interest Only

Interest Only is still available in a number of circumstances. We have options available to make a mortgage fit your monthly cash flows if your income is sporadic or commission based.

Short Lease Mortgages

Short Lease properties can be funded with ease in certain circumstances, particularly if the Freeholder is a well-known estate

There is often a solution so please contact us so we can investigate your individual needs in more detail.


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